Boiler water

Hot water and steam are required in almost all companies in the beverage and brewing industry. For the production of hot water and steam various types of boilers such as water-tube boilers or shell boilers are used.
Disturbances in these boilers caused by deposits, scaling, corrosion, localized overheating or over cracks in the steam, impair the safety and cause immense economic damage.

To avoid these problems, a very precise adjustment of the water quality and the dosing of special chemicals are necessary. TENSID-CHEMIE provides products such as WEICOGARD®-B, individually tailored to the needs of your boiler. Chemically-induced disorders of the boiler operation can be very diverse and experienced plant operators know what it means when "the chemistry is not right".

Our product range includes complete treatment programs for the protection of boiler plants. The product range includes all the active components necessary to prevent corrosion and scale in a water-steam cycle such as:

  • Prevention of scale formation through dispersing
  • Prevention of corrosion by volatile and nonvolatile oxygen binder
  • Protection of the steam and condensate network with alkalizing amines
  • Special products for removing deposits during operation

Modern dosing (metering) technology and technical support provided by experienced application engineers are self-evident for us to ensure the smooth operation of your systems.

Online analysis and monitoring as well as regular on-site analyzes and in our laboratory, enable for a rapid response when the limit values are exceeded.